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Cialis is one of the most effective medicines intended for treating male impotence or erectile dysfunction. Its active component is tadalafil that affects man’s smooth muscles contributing to their relaxation. As a result there occurs a stable erection that may last for up to 36 hours. This happens only when there is sexual stimulation.

There are many Generic Cialis versions of the medicine that are different in weight and a number of pills in each packaging. Pill weights vary from 5 to 40 mg whereas the number varies from 10 to 180 pills. There is no a definite schedule – you should take the medicine approximately thirty minutes before you intend to have sexual intercourse. It is recommended that you take only a pill a day. This a safe dose. Increase in dosage may lead to dangerous side effects. It is safe to start with a 5-mg dose. Then you can increase your dose as your body adapts to a new substance. If you miss a dose you can take it at any time but you should keep it in mind that the interval between the two doses should be 24 hours at least.

But before you buy Cialis without prescription you should take specific precautions in order to make your treatment a simple and safe process. First of all, have your health checked for any possible allergy to tadalafil or any other components of the medicine.

It is extremely significant that you don’t take Cialis concurrently with medicines that contain either nitrates or nitrites. Here we are talking about such drugs as isosorbide mononitrateisosorbide dinitrate, and nitroglycerin. You should also avoid using nitrate-containing recreational drugs like “poppers” during the course of treatment with Cialis. These nitrate medicines used with Tadalafil may cause your blood pressure to decrease.

See your doctor and tell him if your have heart, liver or kidney problems, bleeding disorder, or deformed penis to make sure that your body is ready to take the medicine . Your doctor may advise a patient not to be engaged in sexual activity at all for age or health reasons. Don’t purchase Cialis and don’t take it in this case either. Don’t take Cialis if you are also taking Adcirco to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Such symptoms as dizziness, nausea, numbness or unusual feelings during sexual intercourse may indicate serious side effects. Other severe side effects that may occur are serious vision problems including vision loss, serious hearing problems including hearing loss, general weakness and pain in arms, heart problems irregular heartbeat, swelling and some others. Before you buy Cialis online you are recommended to know about serious effects your doctor should tell you about. Common side effects include cough, stuffy nose, headache, sore throat and other symptoms cold is characterized with. Muscle pain, upset stomach and redness in your face may also be on this list.

Now when you know everything about Cialis usage, contraindications and safety aspects you can buy cheap Cialis from our online pharmacy for a reasonable price.

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